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I raise Netherland Dwarfs on a limited basis.  I love the breed and my herd
comes from some of the top bloodlines in the Nation including
Doug Sprague,
Midnight Rabbitry, Black Mountain Dwarfs, Pond Acres, Bonds, and
Bramhall.  I focus on Chinchilla, Squirrel, Silver Marten, Chestnut and Otter.

I strive to raise Dwarfs of the highest quality.  In order to be used in my
breeding program, a buck must have achieved Grand Champion status.  Many
of my does are Grand Champions as well.
G.C. PA's Emmett
3rd Place Chestnut Junior Buck 2010 Dwarf Nationals
Best of Breed CWRBA 6/12/2010
Best of Breed CWRBA 6/12/2010
Best of Breed LVRBA 6/19/2010
Ivy Crescent Arizona Kid
BOS Albany County ARBA Show - 8/1/2010 Judge Randy
Shumaker -
G.C. Ivy Crescent Coco Chanel
Best of Variety 2010 ARBA National Convention
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)
10 legs
Best of Breed Albany Fair 8/1/2010 judge Randy Shumaker
Best of Breed 9/18/2010 judge Katy Saul
Numerous Best Opp Sex awards
Best Opp Sex LVRBA 6/19/2010
Best Opp Sex PRRF A 7/31/2010
Best Opp Sex PRRF B 7/31/2010
G.C. Ivy Crescent Little Hops
(sired by Black Mountain's BM11 and out of Midnight's J'Adore)
15 legs
5th Place Chestnut Senior Buck out of 49 2010 ARBA
Convention at 7 mos. old (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Best of Breed Platte River Rabbit Fanciers 7/31/2010
Best of Breed Narrow Gauge RBA 9/18/2010
Best of Breed Southern Colorado RBA 9/25/2010
Best of Breed Four Corners RBA 9/25/2010

BEST IN SHOW - Albany County ARBA Show 7/31/11 under judge
Judy Paris
G.C. Ivy Crescent CoCo Chanel
Best of Variety Chinchilla
2010 ARBA National Convention (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Scott Rodriguez pictured with G.C. Ivy Crescent Little Blue Pippa Blue
Silver Marten doe winning double Best of Breed 5/28/2011 Front
Range Rabbit Society.

BEST IN SHOW - 7/31/11 Albany Show under judge Allen