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G.C. Ivy Crescent Nicholas - This nice little buck is a Grand
Champion and now resides with a youth breeder Emily Wolf in
LaPorte, Colorado.
G.C. Ivy Crescent Spark -  Currently 34 legs to his credit
Best In Show
Best of Breed Wyoming State Fair, August 2009 ARBA judge Josh Underberg

Best Reserve in Show
Best of Breed, High Time Rabbit Club, May 2010

Best Reserve In Show
Best of Breed, High Time Rabbit Club, September 2009, judge Jody Rosnick

Best Reserve In Show
Best of Breed, Longs Peak RBA, October 2009, judge Zach Holtmeyer

Best of Breed, 2nd Runner up in Show - High Time Rabbit Club, September
2008, judge Allan Ormond

Best of Breed - Western Colorado RBA May 2009, judge Katy Saul

Best Opposite Sex of Breed - Albany County Fair ARBA Show July 2009, judge
Wade Burkhalter

Best of Breed - High Time Rabbit Club, May 2010, judge Allan Ormond

Best Opposite Sex of Variety - Nebraska Tower on the Plains 4/11/09 judge
Brian Hartzell

12th Place Broken Senior Buck 2010 Holland Lop Nationals, Loveland,
G.C. Critter Co*Op Stanford
Grand Champion Ivy Crescent Firecracker
"G.C. Ivy Crescent Stevie" - Granded at 8 mos. of age
One of my favorite up and coming young bucks.  Pictured at 8 mos. of age
he became a Grand Champion the day after the picture was taken winning
his 9th leg.  
9/26/09 Four Corners RBA Pueblo, CO ARBA Judges Ruth Dapper and
Bob Koch
20 legs
Sire of Ivy Crescent Cherie, Grand Sire to G.C. Critter Co*op
Douglas Wayne, Best Opposite Sex 2010 ARBA Convention,
Minneapolis, MN
G.C. Ivy Crescent Mason
G.C. Ivy Crescent Mason
Sired by G.C. Ivy Crescent Spark and out of G.C THF Saynora Prima
Best Reserve In Show - Best of Breed 9/11/2010 High Time Rabbit
2nd Place Solid Junior Buck out of 117 2009 ARBA Convention San
G.C. Ivy Crescent Aiden
sired by G.C. Ivy Crescent Firecracker and out of G.C. Ivy Crescent