Best Opposite Sex - March 2006 LPRBA

8th place Broken Junior Buck out of 68 - 2006 Holland Lop Nationals Perry, GA
G.C. Ivy Crescent Wilbur - Wilbur is a wonderful Broken Blue Tort
buck who has truly made an impact on my Hollands.  
Best of Breed - May 2006 Hollands & Friends Specialty
G.C. Ivy Crescent Li'l Ollie - Ollie is a beautiful Chestnut buck with
many Best of Breeds and 20 legs.  He is a particularly typey Chestnut
with a big hold head, beautiful crown, and nice short thick ears.
6th Place Solid Senior Buck out of 80 - 2006 Holland Lop
Nationals Perry, GA
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13th out of 86 Broken Junior Bucks - 2006 ARBA Convention, Fort Worth,
Best Opposite Sex of Breed - Sept. HTRC Cheyenne, WY
G.C. Ivy Crescent McDoogle
Best in Show & Best of Breed over 110 Hollands - Oct. 2006 Platte
Valley RBA - under judges Erik Bengtson & Eugene Johnston
G.C. Ivy Crescent Rodeo - 20 legs, numerous BOB wins

6th Place Broken Senior Buck, 2009 ARBA CONVENTION, San
Diego, CA

Best of Breed, Best Reserve in Show - 5/2007 High Time Rabbit Club

Best Opposite Sex, Best of Variety - 6/2007 under Judge Heather Litchfield

Best of Breed - 9/2007 High Time Rabbit Club - Judge Ruby Rezac

Numerous BOB & BOV wins
G.C. Ivy Crescent Billy the Kid - now resides in New Mexico
11th Place Broken Senior Buck out of 111 - 2005 ARBA Conv. Indianapolis