Foundation Bucks Tribute
These two bucks were two of my favorites.  They were very
special Hollands and have since passed on but will always be
cherished and remembered.
Adrian had a great show career with 56 legs by the time he was retired.
Adrian came to me from Jenna Buchenauer at the 2003 ARBA
Convention in Wichita, Kansas.  Adrian's show record is spectacular.  
He has 56 legs, 2 B.I.S., multiple Best of Breeds, Best Broken at the
2002 Holland Lop Nationals, Best Broken and Best Opposite Sex at the
2004 Day After Holland Lop Nationals, 2nd Top Lop youth and 13th
Top Lop open 2002-2003.
Chip was my first Holland I got after getting back into Hollands
in 2002.  (I had previously raised Hollands in 1990 with
foundation stock from Jamie Wardlow).  Chip came to me from
Carrie Campo.  Chip had such tremendous type for an Opal
Holland.  Chip passed away from a stroke during the Summer of
2005.  He was a family pet and will be sorely missed.
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