Below are some of my English Angoras from the 1980's displaying the
unique "ewok" look my English were known for!
Betty Chu and myself winning Best Colored and Best White English
Angora Open at the 1988 ARBA Convention in Madison, WI. I think
I was fifteen in this picture!
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10-7-06 - Ivy Crescent McDoogle wins Best In Show as a junior buck
under judges Eric Bengtson and Gene Johnston at the Platte Valley
Rabbit Club show!  We had to snap this picture fast, as little McDoogle
was very wound up and not willing to stay still for too long!
McDoogle in the judging coop
right after BIS announced
One of my good friends ARBA judge Heather Vezino and I having lunch
in Loveland, Colorado December 2008.  I am so happy Heather is close
by now!
Champion Premier Hunny-Dew Lace on Satin of Ivy Crescent.  My lovely
Blue Mackerel Tabby show persian whom I just adore.  "Lacey"