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Ivy Crescent Bronco - six legs in six shows at five months old.  He is now
a young senior and enjoying barn life while he matures.

Best of Breed - Best Broken - Sept. 2007 Hollands & Friends, judge Briony

Best Broken - Sept. 2007 Hollands & Friends, judge Cindy Wickizer

Best Broken - Sept. 2007 HTRC Show A, judge Tony Bell

1st Broken Junior Buck Class - Sept. 2007 HTRC Show B, judge Ruby Rezac

Best Opposite Sex of Breed - Sept. 2007 SCRBA, judge Brent Rice

Best Opposite Broken - Sept. 2007, SCRBA B, judge Katy Saul
"Ivy Crescent Thunder" - a tort junior buck from the heart of my line who
won the solid junior buck class out of 17 twice his first time out of the barn!
(Thanks Tracy Lukeman for the cool name!) Pitney and Ivy Crescent
"Emmaline" a gorgeous up and coming Opal junior doe with a very
impressive ancestry.  Her parents are both Grand Champion "color"
Hollands who have many impressive wins over established Tort
BOSV - LPRBA 2/16/08- judge Michelle Uptagraft-Smith
BOSV - PPRBA 3/2/08 - judge Ruth Dapper
BOV - 5/17/08 HTRC judge Vic Voghts
BOB, BOV - 5/17/08 HTRC judge Josh Underberg
Best Opposite Sex of Breed Best of Variety - H &F 4/27/08 - judge Allen
G.C. Ivy Crescent Sweet William - This guy just turned senior and
granded in his first showing as a senior!  My Wilbur replacement.