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Husker Hollands
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The Oxbow Hay Company
Rabbitry Websites of my
friends in rabbits
Critter Co*Op Holland Lops - Dear friend and ARBA judge Chris Zemny

Baty Bunnies -  Ken Baty, Jane Delling, and Sydney in Loveland,
Colorado - Mini Rex, Californians, Polish

Dans Hollands - Top Holland breeder Dan Grande in New York State

Dutch By Briony - Great friend ARBA judge Briony Barnes

Ivypatch Rabbitry - Great friend Cindy Pail

Midnight Designer Genes Rabbitry - ARBA Judge Kevin Stanford in

Audrey's Bunny Basket - Holland Lop Hall of Famer Audrey Patriarche

THF-Saynora - Two great friends Jenna Buchenauer and Tracy
Lukeman in Virginia

BunnyLand, USA - ARBA judge Allan and Becky Ormond
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Columbia University

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