Please note - Emails must include full name and state or they will be
deleted.  Please write a little about yourself. I have a very small rabbitry
and focus on quality rather than quantity and cull heavily.  As a rabbit
fancier and enthusiast, I do not breed to have a surplus of Hollands to
offer for sale or to fill specific orders.  As such, the following sales policies
and procedures apply:

* A Holland may be offered that has served its purpose in my herd or that
does not fit a current need within my herd.

* Animals are offered on a first come first served basis ONLY.

* Hollands MUST have attained the age of 4 months old before they will
be offered for sale.

* I do not maintain a waiting list but encourage you to email me often to
check on availability if you are serious about obtaining an Ivy Crescent

* I attend ARBA Conventions and Holland National Shows and often
have several select Hollands available on a first come first served basis at
such events, or, in some instances, by reservation with a deposit.

* At the present time, shipping is NOT available. Please note that shipping
can be very costly.  Also be aware that it is often difficult to purchase
rabbits by pictures only. At anytime, Ivy Crescent reserves the right to
place an embargo on shipping.

* I will accept a non-refundable deposit of 50% on rabbits provided such
deposit is express mailed and received within five business days of the
agreement to hold a rabbit.  Payment by Pay-Pal is acceptable but must
include the requisite transaction costs added by Pay-Pal.  Rabbits with a
50% deposit must be fully paid for and picked up within two weeks after
receiving the deposit unless prior arrangements that have been mutually
agreed upon are made.

* All fees are required to be paid by Money Order or Cashier's Check.  
Payment by Pay-Pal is acceptable but must include the requisite
transaction costs added by Pay-Pal.

* I reserve the right to terminate the sale process or terminate a transaction
at my discretion and for any reason.  Any deposit paid is non-refundable.  
Any other transaction fees paid up to the termination are eligible for a fifty
percent refund and such decision is solely pursuant to my discretion.

* The buyer assumes liability of the risk on a rabbit purchased.  I will only
offer a replacement animal in very limited circumstances and at my
discretion.  Such circumstances include and are only limited to (1) the
discovery of an undiscovered DQ at the time of sale for a period of two
weeks after the completed sale; or (2) health issues for a period of 14 days
after a completed sale.  Any health related issue must be documented by
official certificate of a veterinarian.  Please note, as Hollands are a very
challenging breed, I regret that the replacement of stock will seldom be
offered.  It should be noted that as the health and well being of the Ivy
Crescent Holland herd is of utmost importance, instances of health
problems have never occurred within fourteen days of leaving Ivy
Crescent.  Ivy Crescent will NEVER sell a rabbit known to be sick or
known to have DQ's or structural problems.  Furthermore, Ivy Crescent
will strive to accurately and honestly represent an animal.
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